Painting by Johm Marcum
Painting by Johm Marcum
Painting by Johm Marcum
Painting by Johm Marcum




John Marcum



John Marcum, Painter

Painting by Johm Marcum

I am a native of Mo. and graduated from St. Louis University in 1965 with a B S degree in Arts and Science. I began painting in 1985 in Oil and in 1999 I tried my first pastel painting. I won my first prize in pastel in 2000. I painted part time while working mostly in industrial sales. When I retired on 2008, I began painting full time.

I like to paint Missouri landmarks. I also paint realistic portraits, animals, still life, and landscapes. I am basically self-taught, except for a few workshops, plus I painted for many years with local professional artist, Leo Shanika. I have also read numerous books on various painting techniques. I prefer bright, colorful scenes and add color whenever possible to enhance the composition.

Composition is the key to my artwork. I start defining the composition from the very first reference photos I take, always looking for the best mood and perspective. I sometimes use a photo taken at midday and turn it into an evening or night scene. In recent years, I discovered that using pallet knives can create a looser, more impressionistic look. My pastel works also can produce the looser feel.

I have won numerous awards for my art in both oil and pastel. I currently have work for sale in local shops in the St. Louis area, and on my website at

John Marcum painting

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