Photography by Jim Gray
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Photography by Jim Gray
Photography by Jim Gray
Photography by Jim Gray
Photography by Jim Gray
Photography by Jim Gray


Jim Gray

Juried Member,

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Greater St. Louis Art Association

I have been involved in different areas of photography for many years, beginning with pinhole cameras, black and white photography and darkroom developing when I was in high school. I progressed to sophisticated high-end film cameras and now to the modern EOS digital cameras. I have had the opportunity to travel and to live in several countries. While serving as a missionary in South Africa, I became interested in nature and wildlife photography. More recently as a missionary in Taiwan I continued my pursuit of nature and wildlife photography. While in Taiwan I had an art show at the Danshui County Library and later an art show at the Starts Studio in Taipei. Because of my interest in nature, wildlife and other areas of photography I have become active in various areas of photographic art. I am a member of the Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers Association in St. Louis; I am a juried member of the Greater St. Louis Art Association, and I am a member of the Art World Association of St. Louis.

My desire is to present more than just a photographic image. I want to have my photographic image give an artistic expression and feeling to the subject being presented. My hope is that my work will help you in your search for beauty and creative inspiration in this wondrous world in which we live.

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