Acrylic by Ed Kowalski
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Acrylic by Ed Kowalski
Acrylic by Ed Kowalski
Photography by Ed Kowalski
Photography by Ed Kowalski
Photography by Ed Kowalski
Ed Kowalski


Edmund Kowalski

Juried Member,

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Greater St. Louis Art Association

Born in western Pennsylvania “mid century,” Ed Kowalski earned his B. A. in philosophy at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.
He believes the philosophy studies have helped in giving his work focus, direction, and meaning.
He has been an exhibiting artist since 1972 at art shows across much of the United States, and his artwork can be found in collections in more than twenty states and in Canada and Great Britain.
Since 1973 he has lived in Missouri.
In 1983 he served as President of St. Louis County Art Association, which was one of the Parent Groups for the GSLAA.

Ed Kowalski began creating artwork at a very early age, working in a variety of media from childhood on through adult life.

His paint medium of choice for current exhibitions is acrylic. A unique limited palette of only four pigments is used in the creation of acrylic paintings that possess a wide range of apparent color and a distinctive look of light and atmosphere.

His love for photography dates back to the 1964 New York Worlds Fair.
The photo images are mostly film-based, using equipment from an extensive collection of cameras and accessories; most of these items are antiques.
He converts these images to digital form before he prints the final images onto archival materials.

Sometimes he shows one of the two media, sometimes both.


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