Group Hug by Susie Tenzer
Make a Wish by Susie Tenzer
Orchid by Susie Tenzer
Crystal Clear by Susie Tenzer




Susie Tenzer

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Colored Pencil

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Susie Tenzer, Colored Pencil

Hippo by Susie Tenzer


Susie Tenzer

There’s something deeply personal about pausing at the ordinary and seeing what’s especially beautiful or meaningful or otherwise fascinating. I love finding those places and moments, everyday surroundings which most people take for granted. I use my camera and seek out optimum perspectives. Then, with colored pencils, I work to capture the way the light plays with the angles and surfaces, capture these snapshots in time. What’s important to me is bringing you a sense of simple beauty, allowing you to see what I do ... seeing the ordinary as extraordinary.

Susie Tenzer was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She attended Washington University School of Fine Arts and ultimately received a B.S. in Education from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Susie taught preprimary grades until 2004. Retirement allowed her to go back to the drawing board – literally! Pursuing her love of drawing, she bought a set of colored pencils on eBay and found her niche. Susie turned her dining room into an art studio and, working there each day, she "paints" with pencils. Susie Tenzer's colored pencil drawings are in private collections around the world. Her work is shown in galleries and exhibits in the United States and Canada.
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