Print by Mary Mosblech
Print by Mary Mosblech
Print by Mary Mosblech
Print by Mary Mosblech



Mary Mosblech
Juried Member

GSLAA Board Member

Printmaking, Painter

314 644-5043




Mary Mosblech, Printmaker, Painter


I have been drawn to painting in watercolors because I enjoy the transparency and luminosity.   I use layers of transparent washes and push unusual colors.  I use layers of images to give a painting more depth.   I embellish my work with calligraphy, collage and stitching.  A painting should be more than a photograph.  It should convey the artist’s unique perspective.

Printmaking is exciting in that there always seems to be a surprise when removing the paper from the plate.  I like the textures that can be achieved by inking various papers and arranging them on the plate.  I also like the embossed effect made by the press. More recently, I have focused on layering prints, using various plate sizes and formats to create more depth and uniqueness in the resulting print. Mary Mosblech


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