Painting by Gloria Hamlin
Painting by Gloria Hamlin
Restotation by Gloria Hamlin
Gloria Hamlin Painting
Painting by Gloria Hamlin



Gloria Hamlin

Juried Member,

GSLAA Vic- President






Featured Artist, Gloria Hamlin

Painter & Art Restortation


I am currently the Vice President of the Greater St. Louis Art Association and the Chair of the Membership Committee. Both positions I enjoy greatly.

My love of art began at the ripe old age of 2 when I created my first self-portrait (still have it). As a kid growing up in the 50s there were only 2 things I ever dreamed of being. The first was an artist and the second was to skate in a roller derby. At 4’10 my dreams of fame in the rink was quashed but I never lost my love of art.

In my professional life I am a Master Restorer and Owner of Hamlin’s Restoration Studio located in Valley Park. For the past 20+ years my staff and I have repaired or restored over 15,000 pieces of 3 dimensional decorative art. Our specialty is porcelain, pottery and jade, although I’ve been commissioned to restore an amazing array of art and objects. My professional training has included the South African Academy for Ceramic Conservation at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation, the Wrister Art Academy, the Dayton Art Museum, the Williamsburg Museum and private instruction with a restorer from Buckingham Palace. GSLAA members are encouraged to visit our website or come to the studio in person. We really like to show what we do.

When I’m not hard at work in the studio you’ll find me in my home studio where I paint landscapes, pet portraits and other commissions. Although I prefer to paint with acrylics I like to experiment with other types of media and I’m always looking for new fun projects and ways to create.

Every restoration or painting I do, brings me closer to my destination. I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’m having a heck of a time getting there.

Gloria Hamlin









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