Pottery by Steve Bunton
Pottery by Steve Bunton
Pottery by Steve Bunton
Pottery by Steve Bunton



Steve Bunton

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Pottery, clay





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Steve Bunton, Pottery, Clay


Steve Bunton graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1972 with an art degree in teaching. He taught elementary art for 37 years, and has been a studio artist for many of those years, concentrating his endeavors in clay. He has exhibited in many juried art fairs and won several top awards. His present direction is in altering the clay form, once thrown on the potter's wheel and adding rich textures and patterns in the semi-soft clay surface, one mark at a time. He enjoys the way objects and tools, some found and others made, interact with the clay to make those rich textures. It is a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort. Embellishments of clay, often reflecting organic inspirations from nature add distinct details to his work. A palette of only a few carefully selected colored glazes complement the warm tones found in the stoneware clay, stained with iron oxide.

Steve Bunton working in his studio


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