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Greater St. Louis Art Association


2016 Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners

Greater St. Louis Art Association
Scholarship Program

The GSLAA is a non-profit organization that engages in fund-raising activities such as the art festivals held in Queeny Park each year. These activities are geared toward two goals; educating the public in the area of fine art and fine craft, and raising funds to provide scholarships and grants to the larger metropolitan area residents.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 5, 2017


Previously, once each year, art scholarships have been awarded to high school seniors who are pursuing art majors in college. This year, the program has been expanded to invite enrolled college students to apply. These scholarships are for a one time only award to be paid to the financial director of the college or university the student is attending.

Students apply for these scholarships by completing a basic information form and submitting digital photos of their art work. The Board of Directors of the GSLAA awards the scholarships on the merit of the work submitted with the application. The awards are made is the spring of each year, and payment is made in time for the fall semester.

Applications are downloaded from this website. Please fill out the application in full. Detailed instructions are on the application. The completed application with digital images attached may be submitted via this email address:

I you have any questions, feel free to email the scholarship committee at the same email address:

Download Scholarship Application

All materials and artwork contained on this website are copyrighted by
the individual artist, and the GSLAA.
They can not be downloaded, copied or used without written permission.