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Greater St. Louis Art Association

The Bloomimng Artist Project


The Blooming Artist Project

The Blooming Artist Project

The Blooming Artist Project

The Blooming Artists Project connects student artists with master artists from the St. Louis area. Students in K-12 created works of art in their classroom and submitted their photos and statements. Master artists who have made a name for themselves and have influenced art within our community are invited to select a student’s piece and then connect with that young artist. The master artist ultimately creates a work of art inspired by the student’s work. The project culminates in a formal gallery opening displaying both the student’s and master’s work side by side. The intent is to show young artists that their ideas have merit and can inspire even seasoned artists.

The 2014-2015 Project year includes the following pairs of artists:

Marilynne Bradley and Juanita Johnston (10th - Oakville High School

Tom Hunt and Lily Helmer (9th - Lindbergh High School)

Philly Johnmeyer and Karen Bose (2nd - Crestwood Elementary)

Adam Long and Grace Gould (4th - Long Elementary)

Kyle Lucks and Camryn Korte (4th - Kennerly Elementary)

Allison Norfleet Bruenger and Minori Ubukata (8th - Truman Middle)

Marie Pierce-Ruhland and Matilda De Angiolini (12th - Lindbergh High School)

Deann Rubin and anna Stetzel (5th - Kennerly Elementary)

Diane Tessman and Hannah Scherrer (9th - Lindbergh High School)

Clark Willett and Addie Goss (5th - Concord Elementary)

Joyce Yarbrough and Sam Harris (4th - Kennerly Elementary)

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